How to download videos in Firefox

This document is an instruction on how to download videos with Download Videos Pro for Firefox users. Although Download Videos Pro is designed to work with Internet Explorer, you can make it work with Firefox with a little bit of manual setup in Firefox. For Internet Explorer users, please see How to download videos in Internet Explorer. Google Chrome users please see How to download videos in Google Chrome.

Step 1: Download and install Download Videos Pro

Download Videos Pro offers evaluation version for free trial. You can download it from the download page. Run the setup file to install the software step by step after downloading.

Step 2: Start Download Videos Pro

Once Download Videos Pro is installed on your computer, you can start the program by double clicking on its shortcut on your desktop, or choosing it from the Start menu -> All Programs -> Download Videos Pro.

By default, Download Videos Pro opens Internet Explorer when it starts. To stop the program running Internet Explorer, go to File -> Settings in the main menu and uncheck the box of Launch Internet Explorer after starting.

Step 3: Setup proxy server in Firefox

To allow Download Videos Pro detects videos played in Firefox, you need to setup a proxy server in your Firefox browser. Open Firefox and choose Options in the main menu, then choose Network tab in the Advance settings and click the settings button of connection section. Input 127.0.01 as proxy server and 16888 as port as the following screenshot shows.

Port 16888 is the default port of Download Videos Pro, you can change it in the settings window of Download Videos Pro.

Step 4: Browse video websites in Firefox

Once completed the Firefox setup, open Firefox and go to web pages with online videos you would like to download. When you watch online videos in Firefox, Download Videos Pro can detect the video download links and list them in the program. You can preview the video by clicking on the video link in the video list. To pause or play the preview video, simply click on the preview video.

Step 5: Download Videos

To start the download process, click on the Download Video Now! button, or choosing File -> Save video as from the main menu. The download is conducted by the download software in your default browser.

If you wish to use other download tools to download the videos, you can copy the download links from the list by choosing File -> Copy video URL then paste them to your download tools.

Step 6: Play the videos

The videos you save with Download Videos Pro are in Flash video (FLV) format. To learn how to play the video on your computer, please see How to play FLV videos.